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GreatAir Manchester
current air quality in Greater Manchester

GreatAir Construction
air quality on construction and demolition sites

Cleaner Vehicles Campaign launch event

Launch event‘Tyrone Dobbs’ - Alan Halsall – launched the campaign Saturday 26 July 2003 on one of the North West’s most famous streets – Coronation Street.

Alan, with the help of the fully trained ‘Testing Team’, conducted an emissions level test on his own vehicle.

TyroneHe was very pleased when his vehicle passed the test!

Executive Members Represent the Local AuthoritiesLaunch event
Councillor Val Stevens, Executive Member for Planning and the Environment at Manchester City Council and Councillor Hazel Lees Executive Member at Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council represented the eleven Local Authorities, with Warren Goldsworthy, Regional Manager representing the AA.

The Campaign Vehicle Sets an Example
Campaign vehicleThe campaign vehicle is fuelled on 5% Biodiesel - an environmentally friendly alternative to 100% diesel. The vehicle is fully branded with the 'YOU'D BE FUMING' logo to promote the campaign as it travels around the county.

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